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Palm reading is a very old technique of describing an individual and making predictions on the subject of his or her life. Palm reading has found its basis on the conviction that the lines in the hands of a person can predict about him or her. People who are capable of reading hands are known as Palmists or Palm readers or Hand readers. A palm reader asserts to be competent enough to size up your personality or potential life by feeling your hands or by looking at your hands.

The science of palm reading has been admired and accepted by the human beings from a very old time. Palm reading can help out in knowing the specific personality of the human being. It, in addition, tells you the intensity of your resources, potentiality of welfare, profession and skill, love and wedded life over and above your intellectuality. Apart from all these, Palm reading is a science which also helps in knowing about your infirmity and lifespan. Palm reading or Palmistry is one of its kind sciences. This discipline started off in India and expanded all over the world.

It is believed that an individual’s hands can say a great deal on the subject of his or her personality. As a consequence, Palm reading is an imperative science. Hard-working persons have calloused hands. Nervous or insecure persons have palms sheltered with sweat. People who have extended fingers may be outstanding at playing the piano or playing basketball. Palm reading may perhaps be of use in forensic assessments as well. It is for the reason that fingerprints are special to each human being.