StopSTOP ! Yes ! Stop telling yourself you cannot do it. Stop telling yourself, it is impossible. Stop repeating in your head that you will never be able to achieve it. Whatever your goal is, just keep walking in that direction. Crawl if you have to, but don’t stop. Oh, don’t stop moving but stop all the negative things that you keep telling yourself every hour of every passing day. Remember, when the going gets tough, the tough get going.

There have been several people in my life who have told me I couldn’t do it. People who tried to break my spirit. People who tried to tell me it was impossible. Whatever it was, that I wanted to do, it seemed as if in their viewpoint, they knew me and my potential more than I knew myself, which was totally wrong. They were and they are wrong and they will remain wrong. It is they, who cannot do what they think you cannot do. Another thing to remember is, that people often see their own reflection in the world. What you see in the other person, is your own reflection. If someone thinks you are strong and you can face it all by yourself, it means they know it is possible because they have the potential to do what they are suggesting. People who think it to be impossible, are the ones who fear to attempt it. Go after your dreams.

Stay away from the negative people. Some people will drain you out. They will drag you into their negativity zone and will suck the life out of you. Do not listen to them. Shun them. Stay away from them. I often find myself surrounded by people who have problems, because I love to solve problems. Sometimes, I end up mentally exhausted, and no matter how hard I try, their problems cannot be solved because they ARE the problem in the problem. They do NOT want a solution. After ages of trying to solve people’s problems, I have realized that there are two major categories of people with problems. The ones who love their problems and they love to remain there in that zone. They are loyal to their problems and they want to stick with them through thick and thin. They are not looking for solutions but they love to drain your energy and to grind away at your peace of mind. The other category is the people who genuinely are looking for solutions to their genuine problems. They can be helped. You just need to keep away from the problem lovers. They are only after your happiness. They want to rip you off your mental peace and happiness.

Save your energy for something positive. Feed your brain with positivity. Even if you are not doing well, TELL yourself that you ARE doing well. You need to keep your brain charged. Those positive thoughts and hope is the charger.

KNOW that it’s okay if you run late once in a while. Life is not a race. Nothing has to be PERFECT. Perfection is just an abstract noun.

Disclaimer: I’ve decided to add a disclaimer to my posts from now on. This is how I feel at this point in life and time, and my thoughts are a subject to change over the years as I learn more. My post is not aimed at hurting anyone. Any similarities to any negative person living or dead, are a mere coincidence.