Princess Anne Me and my team members waiting to greet Princess AnneOoooooh..I met a Royal family member!!! Shook her hand!!! Ooooh…I am so overwhelmed!! So much excited!! I can not believe!! Its Her Royal Highness Princess Anne!! Today she came to visit Save the Children office and I was the lucky one, who was selected for the team to greet her. The time was then 10:30am. We were standing with very formal dress, behaving very formal, like the way we did our rehearsal. She entered the room at about 10:35am. And started to talk with each and every person. I was in group number 9 and by that time the Princess may be got tired talking to every person. But I was surprised when she started talking about Bangladesh and wanted to know about my country when she came to know that I am from Bangladesh!! I will never forget this memory.

Before meeting her, I thought she would be dressed very royal, talk very formally. But actually she is not like that. She dressed very simple, the accessories that she wear were very simple. No precious jewelry, flown dress or even heavy make up. She is as simple as I am!

She stayed for 45 minutes in our office and this 45 minutes will be a unforgettable memory for me!