During the last 15 months I have lived a enriching opportunity, but now it is time to leave and go home.

It is nothing more and nothing less than the moment of returning home. Once you return to your place of origin you realize that things have changed in your absence, that many are not what they were. Your lifelong friends have taken different paths, the places you used to go through on a daily basis do not exist, there are new faces in the neighborhood … All of this carries emotional tension and can lead to anxiety. Our place of origin has changed and, in addition, one remembers the stage abroad in a special way and even wanting to return.

Likewise, when you have managed to go through all the stages of cultural shock and return home there is a curious phenomenon: non-membership.

After seeing all the obvious changes in your place of origin and having traveled, you feel that you no longer belong to him; However, the same thing happens with the place where you have spent a long season: you can not say that you are part of that site.

An identity crisis? It is possible, but to minimize the cultural backlash we must know in advance that in one way or another the return to the origins will affect us. Eating and sleeping well, socializing, setting new goals, being part of various activities and, above all, being aware of change are some of the guidelines that we should follow so that we do not negatively affect the reverse cultural shock.

However, you need to know, that at the end of the day, it is all about cycles in life, and again, stepping outside of your comfort zone.