To understand the dynamics of effectiveness of the efforts we employ into the goals we try at, it is imperative to gaze into the associated realities and the progress been made by meeting and listening to real stakeholders; the people acknowledging or criticizing the mechanism otherwise. This is what the opportunity of RESULTS 2015 International Conference provided; the realization that every bit that we as RESULTS are doing is best tried to be translated into practical steps bringing dreams to reality. Reality in enhancing the access to equitable and quality education for boys and girls, ensuring increase life expectancy of new-born and children under 5 to the highest possible through vaccination, nutrition and effective MCH facilitation and reducing poverty through access to financial services; on the global levels.


Atlas Corps Awesome Fellows in RESULTS- International Conference 2015


Investment of valuable time and efforts by people from communities across the US, UK, Australia, Canada, France and Korea besides from over a dozen countries for effective policy advocacy and ensuring necessary financing on the global issues of education, health (vaccination, Polio, Malaria, TB, HIV & AIDS) and poverty reduction through micro-financing have played a critical role in making things happen for the needy people for well over three decades. The 2015 RESULTS International Conference thus gathered these people of change from across the US and 23 countries to share, learn and advocate for the much needed policy advocacy and financing to meeting the critical needs. With more than 530 participants from around the United States and 23 countries from around the world, the RESULTS International Conference was an opportunity to learn about not just the work we do, but the results it has made for the last three and a half decades.


RESULTS International Conference 2015

The 35th anniversary provided a platform to hear the stories of RESULTS team members and partners who were part of the massive change and efforts we see today which have helped changing the lives of millions and millions every year across the US and across the globe. It also paved the way to discussing in details the existing deficit in efforts and resources essentially required by all concerned; the activists, law makers, donors and states with an equitable opportunity to frame the discussions on actual issues faced by people present at the conference. The opportunity to meet with participants and eminent speakers provided equitable resources to help analyze and translate efforts into tangible results.


On the sessions, representatives from Global Fund, GAVI – Vaccine Alliance, DFID, The World Bank, Congress Men and Congress Women linked the RESULTS efforts in guiding public policy and advocating on allocating resources to ending poverty through education, effective health systems and micro-financing. Later, the opportunity of meeting in groups with US Congress Men and Women and The World Bank helped all the participants translate their learning and commitments at the conference in-to real-time efforts to create impactful RESULTS.


Joanne Carter (Executive Director RESULTS) Jim Kim (President World Bank) at Capitol Hill