I recently attended a talk at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). The event was about Pakistan’s recently elected Foreign Minister discussing the US- Pakistan’s relationship, in light of the new administration and its policies. Not only was it interesting to hear about Pakistan’s foreign policy, but also a great opportunity to reconnect with Pakistanis from different fields. I got to meet friends from media, academia, government and various other professions.
The event started with the Minister delivering a speech on the way forward for the two countries. He discussed Pakistan’s overall strategy, role of Diaspora and the current political events in Pakistan. Next, the moderator asked Minister some questions around the current US-Pakistan relations and the new government in Pakistan. Next, the floor was opened to questions.
The event last for only an hour, but its impact was huge. There was massive media coverage and was one of the most talked about events on social media. I rarely get a chance to be among Pakistanis in the US and this event was one such opportunity. The event took me back to Pakistan and its troubled politics. It was interesting to engage with Pakistanis in DC and make some new friends.