I open my eyes and see myself living in a different country far away from my family and friends, barely able to speak a strange language and I say to myself: Really Carolina? Really?

I find myself taking the subway everyday when I was used to drive my own car; experiencing a strange new weather when I was used to a never-ending Spring; living with a limited stipend when I was used to earning a good salary, and I look at myself in the eyes repeating: Really Carolina?

I find myself cooking at nights when I was used to… just eating! Going to the laundromat once a week when I was used to find my clothes all clean and well folded… and again I ask myself with a harsh voice: Really Carolina? Is this what you’ve deliberately chosen?

And after a long pause full of silence and sadness I open my eyes again and find myself chatting with an Indian girl about their Holi, eating lamb with 8 Pakistanis who were celebrating the Eid Al Adha, walking across the Brooklyn Bridge and watching the amazing view of Manhattan under the rain, sitting on the Subway next to Americans, Germans, Venezuelans, Africans, Russians all speaking simultaneously as if we were in Babel… Serving at Mozilla Foundation, one of the greatest Internet companies whose mission resonates with my own beliefs and passion, participating in incredible learning events, burning discussions and awesome maker activities all focusing on education and participation; meeting amazing world leaders; having breakfast in a cool restaurant in the heart of a Hipster neighborhood; stealthily crossing the Jewish settlement during the Sabbath and then running on a sunny morning around Central Park while wondering and devising a plan with my Dear and Crazy Filipino friend how to save the world…

…and proudly I look back at myself and say: Yes Carolina, this is what you have chosen and it is by far the most amazing experience you have ever had.

My heart is full of gratitude to life for giving me such a great opportunity, and especially with these wonderful organizations, which made it possible: Atlas Corps and America Solidaria. It’s been 2 months since I started the Journey in Santiago de Chile… time runs fast but the experiences and memories will remain forever.