The plastic recycling industry is getting bigger and better day after another. I always wonder why is plastic being associated with unauthentic and fragile products? Why are plastic products always inferior to original ones?

In this article I’m sharing with you 5 plastic exemplary innovations and technologies that will absolutely blow your mind! These products are all created by social entrepreneurs –like you and me. They created their businesses on plastic, and introduced a product that can have a positive impact on both the society and the environment.

  1. Building houses and reducing global warming 

Featured on Insider, ByFusion is a company that’s creating a disruptive model of innovation and building houses from old plastic.

2. Sneakers for happy oceans

The overwhelming amount of plastic that is dumped on a daily basis into our oceans is scary. Thanks to innovative leaders we see exemplary ideas like Adidas x Parley shoe, which is the first shoe ever made using Parley Ocean Plastic. With the mission to protect sea life from illegal fishing in the Southern Pacific.

3. Durable materials instead of trapping sea turtles

With the mission to transform recovered plastic into durable materials, the engineering company Bionic is an industry leader adapting a wide range of applications including clothes and bags from recycled plastic.

Recently they lead a successful partnership with H&M and produced a campaign called ‘the Journey of a dress’ to stop plastic pollution.

4. Beautiful interior designs for less waste

In 2017 the Swedish-founded Dutch-based company IKEA launched it’s latest interior design environmentally concussions kitchen made from up to 25 recycled plastic bottles and wood.

5. Beach huts for clean beaches

Spark transformed Singapore’s beach line with colorful beach huts made from recycled plastic waste collected from the beaches and seas of South East Asia.

Finally shifting to using a better sustainable resource than plastic can be tricky with the increase in the production rate. That’s why we need to find creative means to reuse and recycle plastic. In addition to make it affordable for people and not a luxurious shift. Now whenever you’re using plastic think about the importance of a more consumer educated world and about all the difference that we can create from recycled plastic.