In connection to traits of entrepreneurs, the following are on top: disruption, flexibility, versatility, and passion. Based on my experience of dealing with talents and students, I can assure that such traits are not necessarily gifted but developed by life experiences.


Entrepreneurs genuinely spot community pain points, then apply their ingenuity to solve them. These pain points reflect either a personal experience or unexplored areas of technologies or businesses. Entrepreneurs disrupt their ecosystems by simple and innovative solutions. They abandon ordinal solutions in favor of outsourcing and crowdsourcing. This is vividly clear in the case of Uber, Airbnb, and Wikipedia. Entrepreneurs are flexible to internal and external changes while engaging versatile abilities to tackle such changes. They go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm or passion.


I rank myself 4 out 5 in disruption as I used to weave different bits of knowledge to produce an infusion. For flexibility, I rank myself 3 out of 5. In my nascent startup, it started with a simple idea for parking lots but the concept evolved progressively to consider off-street parking spaces with insights about people and vehicles movement. For versatility, I rank myself 4 out of 5. Having coding skills and business intellect backed by long working experience in different environments and managing teams, I was able to step in with confidence to play more than one role. For passion, I rank myself 4 out 5. I am genuinely driven to either solve problems or make them easier.

So, your turn, what is your rank?