Two years ago, in collaboration with United Nations Albania and TRING digital platform, I started a beautiful adventure, that still today brings me joy and smile in my face when I think about it. We did a project – including a fashion collection, a documentary and a show – and the stars were the deaf children of the only educational institution in Albania, where just a few of children hard of hearing or totally deaf can some education. We wanted to show the world what we already knew: that among people with disabilities you can find amazing talents. They can be an added value to the society and can contribute with their knowledge and talent to make our world a better place to live. The deaf pupils of this school in Tirana left me speechless with their talent in painting and drawing. We wanted this talent to be recognized by far more people, in and out Albania, so we decided to do something fancy with these pieces of art. We did some amazing clothes and also a runaway, where children cat walked with important personalities in different fields in Albania, such as artists, politicians etc. They felt stars, as they deserve to, for at least a short time. These last days, some of these children wrote to me and asked me if we can repeat this experience and I felt so happy that this event and project was so important to them that they are looking forward to repeat this experience. And one of the project I really would like to do once I get back home, is to follow up this idea and don’t let  go their talent, which is still underestimated. Linked the video of the documentary that explains in more details this project.