Definition of peer education
Peer education is popular concept that implies an approach, communication, channel, methodology, philosophy, and strategy.
Peer is refers to one that is of equal standing with another, one belonging to the same social group especially based on age, grade, or status.
Peer education is now viewed as an effective behavioral change strategy, and it draw on several well-known behavioral theories.
In article published in 1999 south to define peer education as something that could best be viewed as an umbrella term covering arrange of different approaches as such peer programing, peer education, peer helping ,counseling or facilitating as well as a variety of other terms.
Application of peer education:
Peer education has been used in many area of public health, including family planning, drugs use, violence prevention, and nutrition.
Use peer education in the field of HIV and AIDS standout because of the number of examples of it is use of the resent international public health literature. Because of this popularity, global efforts to further understand and improve the process and impact of peer education in the area of HIV and AIDS prevention, care and treatment, care and support have also increased.
Peer education typically involves using the members of given group to effect change among other members of the same group. Peer education is often used to effect change at the individual level by attempting to modify a person’s knowledge, attitude, beliefs, or behaviors.