After my first Global Leadership Lab that was held in January, 2017, I got a lot of feedbacks from those closer to me as regards what other fellows thought of me. Some fellows thought I was so much attached to myself. ‘Abdulahi is not friendly and he doesn’t associate with other fellows’ – uttered by some fellows.

As a social scientist, only few people know that I take a lot of times studying people and the environment I find myself. I’m always cautious of associating and engaging with people at a very short time. Abdulahi is a guy who hates saying sorry to people after he might have ignorantly hurt their feelings. I’m quite aware of people’s mind of forgiving but not forgetting every wrong done to them. I don’t want people to have bitter memory about me or of my actions/inactions towards them. It is far better you think negative of me at a first instance and later appreciate me than for you to associate with me at earlier instance and greatly regret knowing me.

I faced the same challenge at my host organization but they now understand, value and are fond of me. In public debates and discussions, I always reserve my comments until almost everyone has spoken. Countless of times do people seek that I speak whenever they discover I am silent in a gathering. If I keep quiet among those that I’m fond of speaking with, then, something is seriously wrong somewhere.

This my second GLL was a big surprise to some people as they saw me talking and interacting with them. Through my reserved studies, I had established individual differences, and whenever someone behaves in compliant with his/her already established personality, I don’t feel offended. I know those that we can adequately interact on a one-on-one basis, while I must keep to myself whenever we are together in a gathering.

Atlas Corps’ Global Leadership Lab has added a lot of positivity to my life and profession since I got into the fellowship. My vision gets clearer each day while I understand and appreciate diversity in people and their culture. The session on ‘Story Telling’ was my most cherished session in this GLL. I am at a period that I have to sell my organization’s mission, vision and achievements to the rest of the world. Now, I have learnt huge lessons so well and far.

To every fellow who might have taken offence in my keeping to myself, pardon me for the personality I am made of. But believe me, you would find me most fun to be with if we have that opportunity to relate. I know Njeri is the right person to tell you about me. I’m quite aware that some of you might have been wondering on how Njeri copes with me at our workplace.

To me is me and my personality. I wish you all understand me… Someone says: ‘Abdulahi is too complex to understand!!!’

Still thinking on whether I AM TRULY COMPLEX…