What is leadership? I am not trying to write about the concept or the process to become a leader. Leadership is experimental and it is led by a mission. On April 4th, I had the opportunity to attend the 17th Annual Global Leadership Awards in which, five amazing women were honored for developing practical solutions to solve problems within their communities.

This initiative, promoted by Vital Voices, represents a new era of leadership. An era lead by committed women who give their efforts to repair the world. A world affected for decades by violence, inequality, abuse, and selfishness.

Kiran Bir Sethi (India), Founder, Design for Change; was honored by the Light of Freedom Award. Many times we hear that education is the way to solve our problems, but Kiran did not want to hear that anymore. She revolutionized the school system in India by encouraging children to solve real-life challenges. As an educator, her commitment is to raise better citizen leaders through the “I CAN” educational model. The Design for Change program has been implemented in 65 countries and is taking its first steps in Ecuador.

On the other hand, Lina Khalifeh (Jordan) is a fighter. She fights against violence, abuse and sexual assault of women. She was recognized by the Economic Empowerment Award for her self-defense studio “She Fighter” (link https://www.shefighter.com/). Lina has the mission to change the mindsets and build women’s confidence around the world. SheFighter has crossed borders. More than 15,000 women from the Middle East, Brazil, United States, Vietnam, and Poland have joined to the fight against injustice.

I was speechless after hearing these stories of impact. Kiran and Lina’s motivation turned into practice, into changes, to new realities, into a new leadership era.

Briefly talks with Kiran Bir Sethi and Lina Khalifeh after the event.