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It is a proper procedure which is followed in Nadi Astrology. First of all, the thumb impression of the aspirant is taken and provided to the Nadi reader at the library. It is done with the scientific fact that the twirls and loops of each person are exceptional and it is not possible to imitate them. The thumb lines are segregated into 108 types.

The information on palm leaf bundles is categorized in the library in accordance with thumb impressions to make easy the process of searching of the bundles.

After finding the bundle leaf has to be found out. It is a very tedious process and the reader goes through each leaf until he finds the particulars matching to the aspirant. To accelerate this procedure, the aspirant seeker has to expand his full assistance and support for the reason that this procedure may perhaps take weeks or months.

These outcomes in the tracing out of the index leaf and the initial leaf of the person are termed as General Kandam. This will provide concise predictions equivalent to the 12 houses of the person’s birth chart. These are the thorough predictions of several facets of one’s existence. If required, these can be listened from the leftover 11 leaves of that individual’s Natal Chart.

It is believed that predictions can only come true when the person is not in the bondage of wrong deeds of previous life. Rishi Agasthiya has suggested this fact. He for that reason informs about the act of certain counteractive procedures to remove the utmost degree of any such equilibrium of sins. If these cures are performed with absolute participation and devoid of any divergence, he assures the occurrence of the events forecasted by him.

This whole procedure of finding the exact match and then performing the remedial rituals is a matter of months and requires absolute participation from the individual.

If in case, the aspirant is not able to get his or her guide page it might be understood that either the index is lost or he/she is fated to discover it an afterward period of his/her lifespan.