My Shortcut to success

We all love a good shortcut. Life made easier, achieving things faster, getting to places quicker, being successful at what we set out to do, all with the most minimal of work. Well, for all ye shortcut lovers, I bare glad tidings for you. And not just any shortcut, but one to your wildest dreams. So, put on your walking shoes and follow me to the land of dreams come true.

Success, in a nutshell, is achieving a set goal. This can be as easy as getting to work and sitting through that 9-5 without reverting to unnecessary non – work related disruptions, to buying that long coveted catamaran that has been the subject of your every breathing moment.
Now that we know what success is and have that out of the way, we can move to the five short next steps to success.

Step 1
Dream. And no, I do not mean those awesome or not so awesome things you experience when you slumber, but dreaming while awake. Imagine without limitation. What would your life be like if there were no limitations? Imagine it, vividly, and get to know and consciously try to decide what it is that you really want.

Step 2
Write it Down. In a place where you will see it again, and again, and yet again. Don’t jot it on a tiny rough piece of paper that you will crumple up and throw afterwards, don’t think hard and keep it in your brain (I know some who have claimed elephant memories and kudos to you on that), but really write it down, at the very least, type it in an excel sheet or word doc and send it to yourself.

Step 3
Determine what you need to do to get what you want. Remember the part where we said to dream wild and free, well, some of the things on that list may not have a plan on how to achieve them, so let those just sit comfortably, and for those that have a clear plan forward, decide on what you need to do to get there.

Step 4
Follow through. Do what you wrote you would do to get there.

Step 5
Tick off accomplished items! Voila, success! In 5 simple steps.
It is important to note that success is relative and varies greatly from one person to another. One person’s success will not be your idea of success, and you must often remind yourself to run your own race, be happy for others as they run theirs and not be swayed by whatever is going on in the lives of your peers, family, etc. to achieve your goals.

Dreams do come true, and without even intending to, some of the unactionable goals that you wrote will slowly unfold before your eyes in form of opportunities, and because they were on your list, you will be prompted to seize those opportunities and run with them.

For now, enjoy the race, seize the day and remember to be happy as you journey.