According to recently published Global terrorism index, there was 80% increase in terrorism related killings in 2014. In current scenario where I only see hatred, extremism and terrorism all around, it is very essential to cultivate tolerance for different cultures and ways of living. This is only possible by learning new languages and by studying and developing an understanding of foreign cultures and their way of thinking. Atlas Corps fellowship has not only enabled me to enter the political and diplomatic world but have also gave me a chance to recognize my abilities and my interest in leadership as a future change agent.

My participation in the Atlas Corps Fellowship was an important next step in my journey of personal and professional development. It has helped me to realize my ambition to work at United Nations in the field of international conflict resolution and peace operations in fragile areas. I plan to share my past leadership experience in various past professional capacities. I am looking forward to a transition from a period of deep self-reflection to a manager and then to an independent contributor.

While my last degree seems unrelated, my experience as an Atlas Corps fellow was the seed from which my interest in international affairs evolved. Over the past year, I have come to the realization that I excel when I am working on issues related to world politics, armed conflicts, and international security. Being born in a middle class family, in an era when religious violence was on the rise, gave me unique perspective about geopolitical situation of Pakistan. Pakistan has faced tremendous amount of political, social and diplomatic challenges since its establishment. It was this search of my own identity and history that led me to gain more intensive and refine knowledge of my region and the world.