Sometimes, I love to just sit back and watch the goings on. Not think, not talk, not fiddle with my phones, but just sit back and look at people. I do this stealthy as I was taught staring is rude. I observe and try to make deductions as to what their story is, what they are thinking, what kind of person they are, etc. Of course, looks can be deceiving, so sometimes I listen, watch actions and try to analyze and figure out the rationale behind the things people do.

Today, I feel quite inspired to write about my observations about people in general. These are by no means gospel truths, and they cover random people, people close to me, and sometimes myself. Some may be new, some old, and some grey.

Looking through Humans

• Most people are inherently lazy, and would rather, take shortcuts to everything, do the bare minimum just to get by, or absolutely nothing. Even when their wellbeing depends on it.

• People are mostly mean and selfish, and will usually only do good if there’s a clear benefit for them, even when that benefit is the feel-good hormone that comes from giving or doing charitable acts. Very few people do good for goodness’ sake and ultimately it’s everyone for themselves.

• Humans are afraid to be alone. Heaven forbid that one should spend the holidays alone! Sometimes all I need is to be locked up alone with my musings, books, movies, stretching and junk food. Basically, to have a lazy day alone. Especially on some holidays or when others would rather I go out to mingle and dingle. After often spending my whole day interacting with others, sometimes I just need the night to myself. One good day in a week for just me, with me, by me. But somehow, it’s hard for most humans to fathom that one can want to do just that and still be happy.

• Some people will know exactly what their problems are and what they need to change them. Even then, they would still rather talk about their problems repeatedly than implement the solutions to have the change that they so desire.

• Always trusting, for certain elements of life. Always hoping that things will be different, especially when it comes to love. Even after being hurt over and over again by the same kind of person, someone comes along, says the same things, and guy or girl will rush to trust. Only to fall into the same trap again.

• Inconsistent. If asked, most do not know what they really want in different aspects of life, thus are unable to consistently stick to a particular route or cause.They will say whatever they think they’re expected to want or be.

• Fragile. Even the self – professed strong ones will break when their vulnerable point is ignited.

• Extremely critical of themselves. Most well accomplished people don’t think they are very accomplished. Some really beautiful people don’t think they’re really beautiful, and often need others to constantly remind them that they are. Save for a few self-aware people and the narcissistic, others often see us in a better light and see our strengths more than we do ourselves.

• Many people tend to believe that other people’s lives, actions and decisions are all about them. You didn’t respond to my call or text exactly when I wanted you to. Why didn’t you call or check on me. How dare you not come to my party? You didn’t give me birthday wishes. Why did you not contribute towards my cause? Didn’t you notice my new hairstyle or gorgeous skirt? You did not say hello to me on the street. On and on the list goes. We never pause to think about why the other person did what they did, but somehow always assume that their lives should be always about ours.

• For the most time, people don’t like to think. They’d rather voice their favorite news anchor’s views, or their best friend’s, the popular persons’, a supposed expert, without really thinking through things themselves.

• Most don’t know why they believe in or practice the things they do. Try asking them why they do the things they do, believe in the things they believe in, and all the gates of self-defense will open. Just because you’re asked the “why” question doesn’t mean the other person is out to get you. They just want to know why you do things the way you do. To better deal with, understand or tolerate you and your uniqueness.

• We want to be unique, yet oftentimes we try to make everyone be like us. We tend to want others to like the things we do, support the causes we believe in, live by similar principles, etc.

• People rarely want to take responsibility for their actions. When you don’t study you may fail. If you have unprotected sex, you may get pregnant or catch an STD. By not exercising or eating right, you may end up with physical health issues. When you take addictive substances you may become an addict. If you spend beyond your means, you may get seriously broke.

Most don’t want to take responsibility for their actions yet expect everyone to be merciful and understanding with them taking actions that were clearly often within their control.

• It’s an interesting and wonderful world.