Ten years ago, Atlas Corps was founded based on the idea that talent exists throughout the world but opportunity does not.

We are convinced that young leaders can improve our world. They just need champions who believe in them. Atlas Corps provides an opportunity for these talented individuals to share their skills at dynamic organizations and get connected to one another. While we cannot solve all the world’s problems, we can invest in those who will:

Will you renew that support this year to help us reach our goal of 200 Fellows in 2017 serving in three different countries?

Our community includes more than 550 emerging professionals from 84 countries who have served at 200 organizations (nonprofit, private, and government) in the United States, Colombia, and Australia. While the problems of the world are too great to solve alone, there is no challenge we cannot tackle together. We are building a global movement of superheroes.

Thank you for connecting talent to opportunity. Thank you for supporting Atlas Corps!