Today was my 1st day of starting at my host organization.

On the way to the host organization, I could not believe that I am in DC!

I felt very grateful and blessed that I got to come here in DC.

I saw many people walking on the street to their work and I felt that I will be one of them from now on. It was quite exciting for me to jump into the DC life.

With this exciting vibe, I went into my office building and the lady at the front desk was very welcoming me. I felt very welcomed! So, then I smiled her back 😀 Such a great start of the day!

After starting my very new day at my host organization, I realized that I am such a lucky person since I met a great supervisor and coworker!

Plus, my supervisor asked me whether I want to attend the forum today and I said yes but then I was very surprised that I am going to see my role model who is the first female minister of foreign affair in Korea within few hours at CSIS Forum which is located in like 3 minutes away on foot from my office! I was very excited!

Later, we went to Japanese restaurant for lunch and it really comforted me. (as you see, I am ASIAN!) I told my supervisor and coworker that I am super excited to see the minister of foreign affairs.

Then, we went to the forum and….I could not even speak because I was very happy to see her within a short distance! She was very moderate and even more beautiful than I thought. She was a quite great speaker with a great English! She seemed very intelligent with the answers. No wonder why she is my role model!

After the forum, I was talking to myself that it is such a great opportunity for me to be here in DC through Atlas Corps and my host organization!

Such an experience! I would not ever imagined myself meeting my role model who is very popular in my country!

I am very grateful to Atlas Corps and my host organization ISC for giving me such a great opportunity see the influential leader in DC!

Thank you everyone who helped me bring here in DC!!

Such a great start in DC!!!!! Yay!