This world is built on mass consumption, everything is fast-paced, everything is getting bigger, taller and larger; against all studies, researches and predictions, the new curve is alarming as demographics, economy and technology are blooming not necessarily in equal split between developing and developed countries.

Energy efficiency and sufficiency are key indicators of performance; but energy cannot be contained, it floats freely in huge sections of copper or large atmospheric emissions; the earth is a ball of energy, the sun, every atom in this universe is exuberantly dependent on energy as a form of life and motion.

Energy security is the new challenge, all policies, lobbyists, world leaders are concerned of what the future might  look like, how the technology that has been deployed to bring prosperity, well-being and luxury to the majority of nations around the world will meet this abundance of growth and limitation in resources.

Many organizations are doing incredible work to raise awareness about the unprecedented pollution levels, global warming and climate change; one of these organizations is CleanChoice Energy, sourcing clean electricity from solar and wind to customers.

CCE facilitates access to clean, renewable energy for everyone and helps serving communities to replenish the grid with clean power.

The business model is focused on customer retention, awareness and innovation. CCE is making it possible for everyone to have the choice to do something good for the environment and for the future generations; and what is more interesting is the new approach of hassle, maintenance free service; now you don’t need to install solar panels on your roof, you can make the switch, the sign up is one click away on their website

Do the right thing, and run on solar and wind.