I used to be more consumerist a few years ago, I loved to give expensive presents to my beloved people during their birthdays. Obviously, I was expecting the same from them. However, one person in Haiti taught me that is it not necessary expensive gifts to give happiness to others. I learned that the most important things are into the details, or the gifts that come from the bottom of your heart.

Having said that, I want to share you the two most lovely gifts that I received in DC. The first one is a smile from a stranger girl. I was going to the White House to take photos of the Christmas tree and suddenly, the traffic light changed to red. I decided to follow the advice of a former fellow from Russia, and I started to dance bachata to keep me warm. I was in my world, but when I looked at the car in front of me, I saw a girl that was looking me. She gave a big smile and I returned the smile, even though I felt a little embarrassed. DC’s weather gave me this present, I always remember it when I am a little sad.

The second one, it arrived today. It was a present from my cousin who is living in Slovenia, but the lovely gift is from my niece Valentina. She made a handwritten postcard, and in one side appear an advice, how I have to dress during a cold winter. She tried to write in Spanish, but she wrote as Slovenian (please, do not judge her grammar). She knows that the lowest temperature in Lima (my hometown) is only 15 ºC, and she is concerned about me because is my first time that I live in a city with lower temperatures than 0 ºC. That gesture means a lot to me, my heart is so proud of my niece and so grateful at the same time.

Advice from Valentina

Advice from Valentina: How I have to dress during the winter

Moral: Sometimes you can expend a lot of money during Christmas, but money or the consume cannot buy the most important things: happiness and love. In my case, a smile and a handwritten postcard are the most valuable presents till now. Santa Claus outdoes those gifts.

The soundtrack: Santa Claus is coming to town. Frank Sinatra

Who is Carlos JáureguiHe loves Christmas since he was a child. However, since a few years ago, he did not celebrate it as a child. This year decided to celebrate like a kid and his goal is to take picture of all Christmas trees during this season.