Becoming an adult has always been a myth for me. But, here comes the moment when I finally realized that I am officially an adult. And like every stage of our life, it has its advantages and inconveniences.

So here then the real signs of the passage to the adult life which will perhaps make you smile:

  • You’re over excited when there are “Win $ 1000 in Grocery Basket” contests.
  • You start worrying about the labels on your clothes: you’ve ruined enough pieces in the dryer this year for your budget.
  • Your dishwasher is your best friend
  • You shop for your clothes according to your dress code at work
  • You suggest making a dinner at home instead of going out to the restaurant
  • You miss the time when you did not have to worry about buying toothpaste when the tube is almost empty
  • You can’t live without the ‘To do list’
  • You finally understand, as you move to a new place, why adults tell you to get rid of unnecessary things
  • You also finally understand your mom’s craziness over Tupperware dishes
  • You make people believe that you already have plans Friday night to stay in bed watching Netflix
  • You find it less fun to have to call sick to your job, because you have to recalculate your budget with 8 hours less pay
  • Unfortunately, you can’t see your friends as much as you want, because the adult life starts to take over, but you know that they will always be there for you anyway
  • You start to cook, and fast food starts to disgust you
  • You start to pay attention to what you eat
  • You stop with your pretexts and put yourself to sports, because you’re not that young anymore
  • You do “couple” evenings and crazy Saturdays become board games nights
  • You do not mind going back before midnight

But one thing is for sure: You only live once. So embrace it 😊