Are you about to embrace one of the most daring adventures in your life by becoming an Atlas Corps Fellow, moving to a new country, with a new job, with a new life? Or even by returning to your home country, starting from zero again or continuing with the life you already had?

Well, let’s face it, sometimes you get stuck in a rut and need to read something that gives you the extra push you to start. Don’t worry, it happens; and it also happens that while we are on the route, we forget the real reason that brought us here [D.C. in my case]… you are a changemaker, and maybe you haven’t noticed it yet.

You have to know that creating change isn’t just the work of idealists or people starting companies. A changemaker is that person who cares, who see past the problems to the solutions. The fixer and the doer. The slightly restless and yes, somewhat crazy. You can do so many things to improve your community and your country even from here, you can help to make this country better, you can inspire people to change the world.

As J.K. Rowling said once, “We do not need magic to change the world, we carry all the power we need inside ourselves already: we have the power to imagine better.” So please, in this new journey, wherever you will be and whenever you spot a problem, don’t immediately think “someone else has to fix or will fix it, it’s their job” Because actually, it’s often up to you, to step up with a repair, to try out a solution and share it with your peeps!






Sources: Be a Changemaker, Laurie Ann Thompson – Ashoka