First impression, viewing Washington from the plane, trees everywhere!!! I thought that skyscrapers will be the first thing I will noted! Aha is this “Uncle Sam’s Homeland!?
It was the first shock because that was not what I expected! On the way to hosteling I just feel it may be a dream and I should wake up, but the fact is I am far away from home and all the people who I love. Is this the  feeling of being lonely?
During the last two weeks my main challenges were go over home sickness, cultural shock, moving from an emotional situation to be more realistic, regain self –confidence and of course learn how to use maps!! While the main achievements are being familiar with the life style, knowing new people and starting a new friendship. But the most significant thing that happened to me is rediscovering myself.
Now I completely responsible of myself, it is the moment that you can look inside your heart and see who you are! Yes, I am an emotional girl that crying when she received a call from her parents or read a message from a friend with two words “missing you”, I want be near people who I loved and take care of them, I want go to the Nile Street and have tea, the tea that I always said “it isn’t tasty, its burned!”. Even I miss my urging with my mum about going out!!
Till the moment I write this blog I have the feeling that I want back home, however I am smart enough to comprehend this opportunity, grab it with my hands, promising myself that during this year I will work hard, learn, develop ….. and Have fun.