Many years ago I received a letter from a girl I was dating. I have been keeping this letter to myself for long because I treasure it. The letter makes my heart melt every time I read it. It makes make me remember all good things we did together and opportunities we utilized for our growth. The letter captures those romantic escapades in exotic places and our innocence as we explored the unseen. The girl was an excellent writer and she used many figurative words to shape our love and brings all points home. She challenged me to be a man at the same time to be a great a lover.  Her presence made me mumble and bubble like a toddler luckily she was always there for me, showing me more love and understanding than I ever imagined. To immortalize her charm I have decided to share with you the following letter she wrote to me.

Dear Eric,

If you are not the one I adore and give all my heart, I would not have started this letter with the word Dear. You always remain my faithful partner and I am always there for you. I recognize your sense of freedom and as I have been telling you, I will always nurture it to make you more responsible, knowledgeable and free.  I respect you and appreciate your being. You are human being first as I am. Our differences are just accidental, you are man and I am a woman. I love you because you are a human being and this essential principle connects us. Every time, I do you wrong in a sense I do it to myself, our beingness is inexplicable.

I treasure you because I exist because you exist and this is the base of our love. If by any chance I lose you, my love will go with you and this will be the end of our being. As I wrote some couple of weeks ago, I will always follow you to correct and keep you more humane. I will censor you when I realize you are deviating from the course of our love. I will give your wandering eyes chances to ogle and catch glimpses of my fellow ladies but I will restrain you from ever fixing your gaze onto them. I will always prick your conscience whenever I sense you are about to fall into an abyss of selfishness, superiority and bigotry. I will always help you to respect our fellow beings no matter where they come from. I will give you the platform to grow and to become more handsome but I will jealously protect you. I will give you the highest position in my family’s organization to give order and direction and to make it grow, but you have to remember the following:

·         My love to you is real,

·         My freedom starts where yours end,

·         My missing tooth is a reminder that we are not perfect,

·         We die because we are not gods and therefore never pretend to be one,

·         We have day and night because life is always fluid and therefore unpredictable,

·         I like rainbow because that is the color of our being.

·         Black and white is not a color but absence of it.

Lastly, my love you know there is no romance without finance so make sure you work hard in our organization.  I also hope you are not going to work in my familys’ company forever; I give you at least one year with a possibility of 6 months extension. That period must make you more handsome and be my ideal man. 

My heart is full of your love; it is only your love that knows the deepest chambers of my heart. Please darling, know that you are my webinar, my blog, my global relationship lab, and my atlas.

Yours truly,

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