Riding on the bus to Silver Spring the other day, I spotted this amazing old woman, who passed me a warm smile the moment I exchanged eye contact with her. She was so graceful, happy, kind, passed her smile all the time to everyone and made people feel warm through her lovely smile. Whenever I see old people happy and smiley, it gives me a weird happiness. I wish everybody could grow old so gracefully and happy, I really wish I could grow old like that?. The old woman was about to get off the bus, I quickly tore out a little paper and wrote a note, passed it to her. She read, smiled at me, said thank u and got off the bus. Such good start of the day and it got me thinking about the how smiling can make a huge difference.



Smiling more for ourselves – what affect does it have on you.

Scientific researches show many benefits of smiling more, whether it for better health, reducing stress, building career/ relationships or overall well being. I am not going to get into the details of the same, as it is quite clear that everybody should smile more. Now, I completely understand that one cannot smile all the time, it’s impossible. Some people would say, why should I smile without any reason, I am not stupid. Some people would say, I have seen enough in life and it’s too painful for me to smile anymore. But, I would say we all have ups and downs in life, just that everyone has different kinds of ups and downs and we cannot necessarily understand each other’s ups and downs all the time. Sometimes we have good days, at times we have bad days, sometimes we are happy and at times we are sad and not feeling good. And it is only human to feel all these emotions of ups and downs in the course of life because life is an experience and what we have to remember is every experience good/bad is temporary, and it will pass. So we should look forward to every experience that life throws at us and embrace it with a smile whether it gives us pain because a smile would reduce our pain or joy,because a smile would enhance the joy.

So, what is the matter with smiling at others? People say your smile can change someone’ day.

Has any stranger ever passed you a smile that made you smile as well? or Somebody’s smile made you forget about  your own worry? If the answer is yes, then it is quite simple, a pure smile is contagious and sometimes has the power to make people forget their worries. In today’s world, there are so many divisions of gender, caste, nation, economic status, etc that it is so difficult to find pure, simple humble and honest human connection with someone. Because either you are trying to establish a contact for future business or some other kind of partnership of give and take. Whereas when you smile at a stranger you want nothing in return, you are just in a happy, peaceful state and you would like other people to be in that state as well, hence establishing a pure human connection.

A smile has power to connect people without words 🙂 Life is amazing and there are some amazing people in the world doing their little contribution to make it amazing. The least you could do is smile and pass it on 🙂 it will definitely make someone’s day brighter. Cheers to all the people who are making their own little contribution to make this a happy world.

Keep smiling !