Some days I feel powerful and that I can do anything. It may happen in the mornings after the alarm clock rings and I discover myself smiling. Was I dreaming something really beautiful? That is a great start to inspire me for hours. It may occur along the day, when I am in the shower, walking alone in the street, in the supermarket, sitting in any vehicle, chair or bench, and unexpectedly an “Aha! Moment” luminously surprises me with an idea or puzzle solving. Mind, just go through it.  Or, it can be through one of those inspiring conversations with shiny people able to spark any moment. Those instants just make me smile and keep that smile the rest of the day, knowing how lucky, passionate and capable I am to follow my dreams, live a life of service, and feel in harmony with the universe.

But, how can I keep that sentiment as long as possible? How can I stay feeling powerful whatever happens around me?  Through my experiences, feeling and living the women´s power starts by taking simple steps after we become conscious of it. As I recognize that economic, social and political empowerment are mutually reinforcing, becoming stronger is a first step to be empowered. And that is something that just comes from my inner force. Since there is no recipe in the path of self-empowering, I acknowledge how important is to share and learn along with other women on how to become stronger. Being surrounded by courageous, smart and compassionate women has been determinant in many situations of my life in a level I cannot describe. Understanding, love, support, encouragement, all this and more. During one of those recent “Aha! Moments” I connected some dots and felt that it was worth it to write something about it. What have I done that encouraged me to become and maintain stronger?

First of all, I want to start sharing something that has been important for me during the last months, after I moved to Detroit. And I am pretty sure I have talked about this before. Detroit has many highlights, I swear, you all need to come and see it with your eyes, but cold and snow and lack of public transportation were keeping me indoors during two or three weeks and I was transforming into a caged lion. I enjoyed cold and snow, but being sedentary and indoors has never been my thing. Someone casually mentioned that during this weather people use to go to supermarkets or malls to be able to walk… Geez! To… malls? I was used to walk in Mexico City All-The-Time. I took the decision that I was being delaying for three months: I got the Gym membership ASAP. Really, malls stress me out. 

I choose this as an example on how external conditions can push me to move. Because that was exactly what I needed: Moving! Literally, I just needed to move my body, anywhere, in any direction. Sometimes it is easy to forget how important is to exercise physically.

Three days after I started going to the Gym, the big snowstorm arrived and lasted for days… but I was OK! I kept myself doing cardio, weigh training, yoga and yeah… zumba, It can be fun and intense if you try! The first days after exercising my legs were in pain that even a short walk into the office was ridiculous, but everyday I just listened to that voice, keep going, one day after another. Suddenly, it happened. I was walking in the street and felt exactly what I described in my first paragraph. I was so powerful! My legs felt so strong, I felt all my exercised muscles, my super warm boots covered the snow, but the snow was feeling amazing. I felt able to walk anywhere, in all directions, jump and run and I realized that was one of the imperceptible pleasures of life. I felt thankful to my legs and feet that have been taking me everywhere I have been. Thanks to them for keeping me moving around! Sometimes, when you cannot go very far, exercising keeps body´s movement, and furthermore that will move you in other ways.

And this, becoming stronger physically, having a healthy and strong body is the first thing I want to share from a list I have written in my notebook that helps me to preserve a balance. I will write about some of the rest in a following post, and with this, I wish to start inviting other women to share about their own powerful moments and practices that help them to become stronger. Because we all are strong, and sharing keeps empowering us.