Earlier this year appeared on Voice of America’s Pashto service in Washington, D.C. The discussion focus was youth engagement in entrepreneurial activities, and the way forward. But, when I introduced myself as an employee of Street Sense Media, callers popped up. They were surprised with the word homelessness; to them, the United States is a country full of luxuries, happiness and job opportunities.

Where are the news media to propagate the realities of American homelessness? Ethical journalism should highlight the situation on the ground, and give the public real-time information so that it’s aware of what has been happening in the country and the world as whole too.

Unfortunately, both the U.S. media and global media have failed to give much focus to homelessness. But, the main function of the media to report the news, inform and spread awareness; therefore the media should report the news about the homelessness in this country, as well as globally, and inform the masses about the root causes of homelessness. We need to create venues for discussion.

As a responsible citizen or resident of this country, we are also responsible for propping up the voices of underprivileged people, like those suffering with homelessness. Even one social media post or blog can help create avenues for discussion to deal with homelessness seriously.

Let’s take a start. It’s not too late.

Note: The article originally appeared in the Street Sense Media’s newspaper.