GrantAdvisor, the tool we were waiting for.

GrantAdvisor was created based in a simple idea: if you’re going on a trip, you check TripAdvisor to get information, and recommendations; if you’re going to apply for a grant, you check GrantAdvisor, and you can get valuable information about funders. Additionally, if you are a hotel, you check TripAdvisor to learn valuable customer feedback you cannot get any other way, with GrantAdvisor, funders can learn and improve their practices using nonprofits’ feedback.

For people who work on the nonprofit sector, GrantAdvisor is a powerful and efficient tool. It presents authentic, real-time reviews and comments on grant-seekers’ experiences working with funders. Imagine how useful could be for an NGO reading comments about funders, information like the number of hours the grant application process normally takes, the kind of relationship nonprofits have with the funder, the funders’ accessibility, or how successfully the funder is accomplishing its philanthropic goals.

Is the funder you want to approach a positive leader in the field?, is he a risk-taker?, is the process to get a grant too bureaucratic? Is it difficult to work with this founder? You can find answer to this and some other relevant questions in GrantAdvisor. It is like asking a friend about their experience with certain funders, he can tell you all the good things about working with a grant-maker, but also the things that are not so good, and you should be aware of.

In GrantAdvisor, the feedback is shared anonymously and once a funder receives 5 reviews, the data on that funder is posted publicly and they have the opportunity to respond to reviews.

In addition to aggregating feedback on the grant application process, GrantAdvisor provides a forum to share views on how funders influence their field. This allows funders to understand how they are perceived as leaders and influencers, not simply as grant-makers.

Finally, GrantAdvisor is a great initiative, that contributes to a more productive philanthropy, promotes transparency, and fosters continuous improvements in the sector. I encourage you to take a look at this amazing tool, clicking on the link below: