Being a Pakistani in United States can be quite amusing. The foremost thing I’ve come to realize in DC is that if you are brown in color then of course either you are Spanish or you are an Arab. Of course with my tan skin color, I get this a lot. I’ve had way too many conversations with people who try to guess where I am originally from but never have I met anyone till now who’s first guess is Pakistan. It’s Latin America, Europe or Middle East.  Not that I am complaining in any, it is always so entertaining people trying to guess where I am from. . But oh! One thing should be mentioned, anyone who has ever interacted with a Pakistani can figure my accent out after 4-5 guesses

Eventually when I do tell them that I am from Pakistan and they were far off.  I hear interesting questions or statements. Due to the power of the media, conversation-provoking stories are highlighted and everyone can think of Pakistan as a country where Flintstones originated from. Below are the some of the funny questions/statements that have been either said to me or Pakistani friends:

  • Is Pakistan in the Middle East?
  • Do you guys have Wi-fi?
  • Are you sure you’re from Pakistan?
  • Why do you know English?
    • How do you know English?
    • When did you learn English?
  • Do you know sledding?
  • How many seasons do you get?
  • Of course, you must be used to the hot weather
  • Aren’t you like used to living without electricity?
  • Have you seen snow?
  • Why are dressed up this way?
  • Are you sure you’re a Muslim? You just shook my hand.

Ah.. It’s always fun to hear questions and statements about my country. It’s amusing.. Nevertheless, I do hope that one day our country can recognized for all the positive qualities it entails rather than all the negative stories that come about.