While I have discussed how diverse and culturally mixed New York and the United States is, it’s interesting that I have had to on many occasions talk about my country, its people and the culture. Mind you, I have had to do the explaining among fellow Africans as well. Consider this then a fun list and answers to frequently asked questions about Botswana which will help you with your next encounter with someone from my country and they will love you for it.

  1. What is a person from Botswana called? A botswanian? No! Contrary to popular belief, a person from Botswana is a Motswana, the plural is Batswana and our language is Setswana. Lesotho also uses the same designation as our languages are similar. Next time you meet a Motswana, make sure you impress them with this fact.
  2. Is Botswana in South Africa? NO! Botswana is in Southern Africa, but we do share multiple borders and cultural references with South Africa.
  3. Which language do people speak in Setswana? Much of our population speaks Setswana and English which are national languages whilst other might speak a third depending on which tribe they are from or only Setswana.
  4. What is the capital city of Botswana? It is Gaborone. Gaborone is located in the southern part of the country. It has a population of about 250,000 people. Our second city is known as Francistown.
  5. The currency of Botswana is the Pula which means rain in the native language. It is one of the strongest currencies in Africa, stronger than the South African Rand and Nigerian Naira.
  6. Was Botswana a colony of Britain? No, Botswana was a protectorate which means that we were a dependent territory that was granted local autonomy and some independence while still retaining the suzerainty of a greater sovereign state. This also makes up part of the Commonwealth.
  7. What is do we export? Botswana is most known for diamonds and beef. We have more cows than people and our diamonds are conflict free.
  8. Does Botswana have a beach? No, Botswana is landlocked and surrounded by countries like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Namibia and South Africa.
  9. What is the population of Botswana? We are a population of 2.2 million people. Botswana is the same size as the state of Texas.
  10. Botswana is home to the Okavango Delta, a UNESCO heritage site. It is an inland river delta and animal habitat.