My success with Air Canada sparked Canada’s CST movement, and was also the influencing factor for the government, nonprofits, airport authorities, consulates, the travel/tourism industry, and law enforcement to collaborate for the first time in 2010, to initiate the first-ever multifaceted nation-wide campaign against CST. In pursuance, OneChild collaborated with child protection actors such as UNICEF Canada, the International Bureau for Children’s Rights, Plan Canada and the Government of Canada in conceptualizing, planning, and executing the campaign. As the lead for OneChild, I worked diligently with them to reach out to the travel/ tourism industry and host forums across Canada to sensitize them to the issue and increase inter-sectoral coordination; held consultations with youth; developed billboards, brochures, magazine inserts, and met with airlines, airports, tour operators, travel agencies, consulates, travel clinics, and tourism schools to ensure direct dissemination of the campaign material, which reached millions.