Finding an apartment in New York city is a nerve racking and challenging process. But the gain is more than the pain! In this whole tussle you are settled in New York and start feeling New Yorker…

After arriving US for Atlas Corps fellowship, hunting an apartment in New York city was a strenuous task which allows me to adjust quickly.  I was excited for my first international exposure and new odds in life along with a rational mindset for challenges. The whole episode of hunting a place compel me to write this for all new comers to New York city.

Following are a few tips for finding an apartment in a New York city:

  • First step is to be aware of the culture of the country and specific city. Every country and city has a distinctive culture, norms and rules for even housing, renting, and leasing process. New York is an expensive city therefore shared apartment is common with various room sizes and access to balcony or backyard. Every amenity has a price to pay!
  • After getting knowledge about the culture, write down your requirement that what is adjustable and what is not. E.g. Co-living spaces, party at home, pets, drinking, cleanliness, window in room and many more…
  • Determine price and rates in different area. Decide “Your” budget range.
  • Be clear about duration. If short term, then see subletting rather than a periodic lease agreement.
  • Join different Facebook groups for housing. There are more than ten active groups on Facebook for housing in New York. Register on different websites. Like streeteasy, hotpods, sparerooms. I found housing through Facebook group, but I visited spaces from craigslist also and they were good enough.
  • Don’t get into any scam! Paid application or websites. It’s better to avoid paid options as you are new in city and no knowledge about credibility.
  • Visit the apartment before giving money and inquire these details before finalizing:
    • Rent
    • Agreement and security
    • Any specific rules or regulation
    • Rent include utilities or not-If not then how much utilities are…
    • Ask about other roommates- I did not rent a place because other roommates smoke weed in apartment.
    • Laundry mart
    • Nearest market
    • Any other detail which is important for you.
  • During visit see neighborhood to get a feel about safety. You can ask this from the landlord as well.

I visited 15 different places before renting an apartment. I would like to help all new comers to New York.