This world cup has turned out to be extremely exciting – some of the newer teams have made a significant impact in this year’s grand football festival. Iceland was one of them, though they couldn’t make it through the first round but the historic upset (a draw) against Argentina (saving Messi’s penalty kick) was one of the highlights of this world cup.

The biggest upset was Germany going out of this world cup, considering they had the most balanced side, but unfortunately they met the champion’s curse.

The Knockout round (Round of 16) starts tomorrow with Argentina playing France followed by Uruguay taking on Portugal. All eyes will be on Messi and Ronaldo tomorrow; if Argentina and Portugal win against their opponents, then the world might be able to see Ronaldo vs. Messi in the world’s greatest football arena.

This world cup has proved to be as unpredictable as one can imagine – most teams are giving tough times to the giants, and this year World Cup might land into the hands of an underdog.

Being Messi’s fan, I will still be rooting for Argentina, even though the football they have played so far don’t match their standards. The next two weeks are going to be crazy and full of emotions, so keep yourself ready for this roller coaster ride.