If you walk out of the Mc Pherson Station, you will find a small Asian restaurant, Lighter, in your right hand.
The first two weeks, during the orientation and training, I was having burgers and pizzas every day during lunch and dinner. My Asian stomach freaked out. I am now still living in a friend’s apartment, which means it is not so convenient for me to cook, so I am looking for nice restaurants everyday.

My first day at work started on Monday. During the lunch break, I went to this Asian restaurant for some food. The owner is a middle-aged lady from South Korea, and she was so cheerful. “Hello,” she welcomed me in. There are different kinds of Asian snacks and desserts, piling on the table, tidy and colorful. I didn’t quite understand the menu, ordering a Chicken Wrap to give it a try. To my surprise, it was so good, and the price? About $8 or $9 – I can accept it.

In the following three days, I came here every meal, and finally, today I got a little bit tired of it, trying to find a new restaurant. Somehow, my iPhone broke down, and I couldn’t open Yelp.

Running into a new environment, you’ll always get exaggerated emotions, positive and negative. Lonely, with a stupid iPhone at hand, I stood in the noisy street, sunk in depression, staring at the empty cloudy sky, wondering where to eat.

Okay. Lighter, again, I thought. Then I came here, without a choice. I ordered a Bibimbap, (rice, vegetables, and some tofu), finding a corner, ready to eat. To my surprise, the owner, in a mom-style apron, went to me with a cheerful smile, carrying a plate of sushi, saying it is for me as a gift.

Not too many, only two sushi, but very fancy in details. As I ordered spicy food every time, the lady remembered, and she put some spicy ingredients. “Oh, wait…” and she rushed to the kitchen, bringing back a bottle of sauce, and topped it for me. “Enjoy your meal,” she said, leaving with jingling laughter.

So touched, I was lit up. The sun seemed to come out.

If you ever come to DC and miss Asian food, do remember to come here, and say hello to her.