Being an Atlas Corps Fellow means being part of a community that expands every day in staff and Fellows, but that is also keen on cultivating an “Atlas Corps Fellow” identity as we go through this experience, all together.
As a relatively new Atlas Corps Fellow I found it confusing to correlate faces with positions and communication channels for Atlas Corps staff or Fellows. I really wanted to create a sense of an Atlas Corps community that shares and connect with all stakeholders, perceiving this as the core to shape my own identity as an Atlas Corps FELLOW.
Also, this was for me part of the process of creating my own home in a foreign country and culture for the upcoming 12 months.
Furthermore, in order to get a clear idea of what we have become through the work of the current fellow committees, I decided to search for the missing pieces in my mind of the Atlas Corps puzzle. What I came up with is a visual scheme, given that I really enjoyed drawing as a kid (:P).
I want you to see my blog not only as a simple diagnosis of a structure but rather as the mapping of communication channels between Fellows and Atlas Corps. Being able to spot where your bridges with Atlas Corps are, means recognizing a space, to enhance your experience and impact the fellow community.
Here are some key contacts of Fellow Committees and Staff Liaisons:
(Email) – Fellow Committees (all committees)
Executive Committee
Partnerships Committee
Social and Cultural Committee
Training and Talent Management Committee
Communications Committee
(CC:)- Staff Liaisons
– Executive Committee Liaisons: Scott Beale & Kelly Reid
– Partnerships Committee Liaisons: Alissa Fenandez
– Social and Cultural Committee Liaisons: Emma Almon & Zachary Morrice
– Training and Talent Management Committee Liaisons: Sara Tariq
– Communications Committee Liaisons:
PDF Copy of the Image: Atlas Corps Org Chart