What is this Eid?
In most of the Muslim world today, the faithful are celebrating Eid al-Adha, the second of two major holidays in Islam.
The day begins with morning prayers. The celebrations continue with visits to friends and family, exchange of gifts and feasts.
Those who can afford it also slaughter an animal, like a cow or sheep, and share the meat with the less fortunate.

This year, unlike previous 26 years in my life, i’m celebrating this occasion far away from my country, far away from home.
It’s true that it doesn’t feel the same, but it could be bad if I was alone. However, I’ve discovered that the Majority of California citizens, mainly San Francisco and Los Angeles are believing in the importance of “COEXISTING” to a solid society structure
and to share human values with any other persons independently on their religion, color or gender.

In addition to that, I was surprised by the events and the non-profits supporting all kind of communities in this State. They make you feel home, but of course a couple of friends sharing this Eid with you is much appreciated and better.

So yes, Some how, with other fellows, Colleagues at work, friends, roommates and US Citizens, this years Eid is is differently awesome!