Recently, I found a job posting that fit exactly into my dream job. Dream job as in what I want to do, not as in good benefits, and precisely 9-5 hours, and such.

It really took me by surprise because I didn’t even know that type of position would even exist except in my head! It was surprising, but at the same time really relieved to know that I can refer to what I can look for in the future.

You would think that I would be all happy and excited and all, but have you really been in the same position? Because, surprisingly, it’s not all happiness and butterflies. There is this awkward and worrisome feeling that overwhelms you. IT’S YOUR DREAM JOB. You really want it, but you’re also worried about the outcome. Also, there’s this problem of me still serving as a Fellow, and my fellowship ending in January.

So, I slept on it – for about a week. I also asked my friends and family around whether I should go for it or not. But in the end, I decided to do what I always do in times of decision-making. Choosing the side that I would least regret. Then, it was clear. I decided to apply.

Writing and rewriting my cover letter for this job, going through my resume for the thousandth time so that I did not misuse any inappropriate words or content, was probably the most nervous time since a long time. But, I managed. It was all done. Though I still did not have the confidence I needed, I submitted. And now, all I have to do is, wait.

I did notice that I lack the experience that they require the candidate in the particular position to do, but I just went head on anyways. You only live once. You never know when this position will ever open again. Besides, you never know what can happen! And with a lot of encouragement from my dear friends and family, the deed is done.

I have no idea, whether they would even consider me as a viable candidate or not, but still I don’t have to regret that I did not apply for this job. At least I gave a shot. Whatever happens next is a mystery, but I’m happy. I’m happy in the sense that I now know what I have to dream and aim for.