Sometimes we do complain about not having the time to do the things that we love, we blame work to take most of our time, or we are just lazy or procrastinate, whether we are planning to go to the gym or start some new activity, it’s always the same answer, I “don’t have time”.

In order to resolve this issue, we need first to recognize that we actually have an issue, look at  friends or colleagues, they wake up early in the morning and go for a run, or don’t get home till very late in the night, knowing that their day is no longer than ours, it’s 24 hours for all.

Now that we are aware of this issue, we need to move to action, as things won’t change without an action plan. We need to write down the list of activities we want to do and start searching for the most efficient places to do them, efficient can be a place close to home/workplace, a place that is easy to go to with public transportation, or a place that is within our budget.

Once that we have listed those places, find someone to go who’s interested in the same activities, as they will always encourage you to keep doing what you are doing and you also do the same for them.

Finally, not having the time is only in our heads, make sure you have the time especially for the most important things in life such as your family and loved once and also your health.