Morgan Patterson (17, Kerrville, Texas) is passionate about helping other people in need. She tackles poverty in her community by making handmade products, designing t-shirts, selling these items, and then purchasing tangible items to donate. Not only does she raise funds to provide people from low-income families with basic items, but she also volunteers at every possible project in her community to maximize her positive impact on people around her. She mentors elementary students, helps with Special Olympics, assists in food drives, and volunteers during VBS at her church.

Morgan discovered her passion for community service at the age of 4 when she learned about The Salvation Army. She started helping other people in her community by having a lemonade stand, and then moved to producing personally designed t-shirts. By selling those items, she purchased food, clothing, bedding, small and large appliances, medical supplies, baby equipment, and many other items. Items are usually donated directly to those who need them most or to the Salvation Army or other non-profit organizations in the area.

Morgan has a great heart and is eager to help anyone in a difficult and hopeless situation. When Morgan’s friend’s family lost everything they had, Morgan took action and raised funds to provide these people with basic items they needed at the time. This had a great impact on both the family that received Morgan’s generous support. Morgan believes that everyone has something to offer to another person in need, and if we all contribute a little, this can make a great impact on other people’s lives. At the moment, Morgan is dreaming about creating her own non-profit to be able to manage and provide donations more effectively.  Each year, Morgan strives to make more money so she can provide more goods to The Salvation Army to help those in need.

Morgan is a role model who inspires others to create change in their communities!