When every time I felt like, it was the end,

And every time I thought, it was the last time I died

I died deaths after deaths, bit by bit;

And each new death seemed to be less painful,

Thus gradually I got used to dying; I knew death would impend

After dying many a death; I felt like death was my only friend;

When it’s all over, and nothing else is left behind;

When all is faint and lost; then there’s only death, and I.

Death to me, is so loyal; that it waits for me across the corner,

Stealthily each step in life; and it has never betrayed me;

I’ve found it, always by my side; following me like a shadow;

And when its time to be alone; death walks toward me;

Silently from behind; wraps me in his arms;

Clings onto me; and clutches my heart;

I die the death; I die and die; the death I die every time;

I don’t know how many deaths I will die more!

© Sobia Nosheen (26 October 2007)