I would like to introduce my host organization and great event we hosted on this November to make an impact business and investing community connecting Asia and global world.

I have served at D3Jubilee during this fellowship program. D3Jubilee is an global impact investing firm based in Seoul and San Francisco. Established in July 2011, it is uniquely positioned for global impact investing in Korea.

D3Jubilee redefines the role of capital by bringing entrepreneurial innovation to make our society socially and environmentally sustainable, and improve the lives of those most in need such as low-income families, immigrants and women.

We discover technology-based companies with innovative business ideas to address significant social issues and narrow socio-economic gaps. We particularly pay attention to entrepreneurs who create excellent user experiences and build business models of high growth potential in the several impact areas. Our focusing areas are healthcare and education.

In Korea, the concept of impact investing and social ventures are on the rise, but still unfamiliar. As a leader in impact investing field in Korea, D3Jubilee has tried to build and cultivate the impact investing ecosystem.

One of these kind of activities to cultivate an ecosystem, we hosted D3 Impact Nights in Jeju Island, the first gathering of impact investors in East Asia, out of domestic to regional and global leaders. We covered various agenda including diversified impact assets, pathway to impact investing, the future of impact investing, the trend in Asian market, technology innovation with social impact and so on.

Lisa and Charly Kleissner, co-founder of KL Felicitas Foundation and Toniic, were invited as honored speakers. Other speakers from Unitus Impact, ANDE (Aspen Network of Development Entrepreneurs), AVPN (Asian Venture Philanthropy Network), IIX (Impact Investment Exchange Asia) shared their experiences and lessons. More than 100 attendees from 11 countries who want to create a sustainable and inclusive society could build a global community and network through this memorable forum.

It is an honor for me to be a part to make this event happen. I am also happy to have valuable guests in Jeju, a beautiful island in Korea. This will be a great step to engage more people to impact business and investing community. D3Jubilee plans to host this event next year as well. Those who are intersted in making a better world with the power of business and money, please join us! Looking forward to seeing you in Jeju.

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