Getting around in NYC

You get to look and see

Interesting things that catch the eye

But my interest is the subway which helps us get by

It seems to me that it never quite does what it is supposed to do

Am I supposed to be taking the AC, NQR, or is it yellow or blue?

Standing on the platform, hopefully it’s the right where I’m supposed to stand

However, after getting on the train, I realize it is not and usually have that sinking feeling like sand

That I’m going to be late, sweaty and mad

Which of course isn’t great when you are getting to work, which is definitely bad

Then the train stops midway track, without warning and stalls

And of course, the A/C doesn’t work and likely a rat underneath crawls

Or worse the smell of the city that is not even close to roses

And yet someone has time to stand for poses

Taking pictures, having loud phone conversations or playing a song

Sometimes it’s not that great but hey, their courage proves they are strong

To keep living in the city that sometimes isn’t easy

Even though the subway makes us queasy

Its worth just knowing you are among people busy, ambitious and bustlers

They are making it happen, making them incredible hustlers