It just have started now! 

2018 will be the Greatest Year of Culture in between Austria and Albania.

A Press Conference in the lobby of the National Museum marked the opening of the Cultural Year Austria-Albania 2018.

Both countries Austria-Albania will offer numerous events and happenings throughout 2018 promoting and celebrating cultural cooperation and intercultural dialogue.

A wonderful year full of art, culture and science! From the Austrian classical philharmonic concert, through the Viennese Ball of Tirana, to the music films on the vibrating Skanderbeg Square.

From a historical conference in Tirana to a book presentation in Shkodra. Contemporary Art Exhibitions in the whole country.

Austrian artists, female contemporary artists, authors, academics will invade the Albanian art scene and will work together with Albanian artists, culture centers and institutions.

The Culture Year belongs to all to enjoy and everyone is invited to join the activities taking place across Albania. It’s going to be a great year! Stay tuned!

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