On September 14th, 2017, Atlas Corps Class 26 was officially welcomed to the Atlas Corps Fellowship and to the US. Speeches to go forth and change the world were made by Class 26 Fellows and guest speakers to inspire, motivate and challenge the Fellows and other guests in attendance. What caught my attention the most, was the statement by the last Speaker, Peter Simpson, that, “getting into the Atlas Corps Fellowship was as competitive as getting into Harvard or Yale universities”. This statement formed a great discussion for the later evening among some Fellows. Some did not agree with Peter Simpson, but I for one, strongly agreed with this sentiment. Not only did this statement spark great discussion, but it ignited a hope, an energy, and a reflection on how far we have come as Fellows even to the point of being accepted into the Fellowship and placed at different organisations. An opportunity, that other smart individuals may have missed. In this regard, I am writing this blog to inspire all Class 26 Fellows as we begin our Fellowship year, that indeed, we have been given a great platform to find our own individual paths and be GREAT at what we have been called to do in changing our perspectives and changing the world. We have already been born and we might as well be great. Class 26 stay optimistic, focused and energized in this Fellowship year. I will end with a saying from Ryunosuke Satoro, “Let your dreams outgrow the shoes of your expectations”.