6 weeks in at the council, and I am starting to piece together how our different departments work jointly to create multi purposeful hub for foundations around the world to benefit and grow their grantmaking and philanthropy.

 But how do we do that?

  • Government Relations
  • Legal
  • Memberships
  • Communications
  • External Relations
  • Operations and Development
  • Professional Development

Each of these departments are a unique piece of what the council brings to the table. If you are a small family foundation or a big grantmaking organization like Ford or Hilton Fund, the council has a place for you. Traditionally, we offer our members the tips and tools support needed on their day to day operations and programs, from legal work, grantmaking advice or a question about how to work with SDG’s, we can field all philanthropy inquiries. We advocate, strengthen and amplify the work our members do.

Our job is also to create the moments and venues for our members to engage with one another. This is not about us but about them. We have to understand and know the ‘why’ of their work so that we can help them accelerate what they do best. But to do that we must know and understand them. That is our ultimate challenge. We must call, meet with and know them. It requires curiosity, intellect and understanding of the challenges facing philanthropy. We cannot do our job if we do not understand theirs.  Understanding and helping them to know HOW to do their work is necessary but knowing WHY they do their work is essential.