researchknowing the difference between the two researches  helps to know which research is needed for  a particular project during the process.

There are no much difference between the two but the slightest difference is in how the researcher carry out the research between the two.

Applied researchers view their success in terms of the number of clients  served and problems solved. During the process of research, the researcher focus on the client/s and the problems.

Problems in applied research are different from  one project to another and the risks taken during the process of the research is are responsibility of the researcher not his sponsor or clients..

In applied communication research the researcher must produce practical solution and he/she get gratitude for good work and takes all the blame for bad work.

The impetus for applied communication research is based on the response of the sponsor, client and imminent problem who create a situation that needs to be solved.

The goal for applied researcher to solve practical problem and design means for end user.

The criteria on which issues are selected for examination are based on short-term, pragmatic solution and progress in real world.

Programmatic usefulness of solution and ease of implementation of situation during research process is a way of validity of knowledge.

Unrestricted preference for fieldwork is used for the methodology, design and procedures.

In the basic research impulsion, it  focuses on curiosity, merit raise, theory, tenure(status of possessing things), and building situation.

Basic research goals is based on empirical explanation, and validation of communication phenomenon.

In basic communication research criteria upon which issues are selected for examination is through relevance on the previous knowledge of theory that was  build, and through personal interest.

The basic of accepting the validity of knowledge based on scientific rigidity and sophistication.

The methodology, design and procedures are based on unrestricted and preference for lab

This research used for review, journals and editions, it more of academic and article publishing.