Even in the beginning of creation, man was an enemy to  himself. The holy books tell us about Adam and Eve who God gave  everything but they still showed disobedience to God.

Even now in the world man still disobey and distrust each other. It’s in the nature of mankind but also God gave man a  free will to change  that.

Everyone on their own way struggle to be something and to change something. Everyone has the good intentions and focus to what they want. Everybody is fighting with something somewhere. We all are, there’s lot to do, to change and to repair, think of racism, war, TERRORISM,  religion racism,  domestic violence, Rape and many more evil things going on. We all want to change it, there those who tried before  us and there those who are trying now.

God say in the holy book that” the more the faith you have for good, the more the strong evil can attack.” This is my point, we all want to change the world but we have no idea if the world is even in the shape of changing.  They all started with a good picture in mind but later on the idea changes.

Have a pause when you are working on something, cross check and ask is it worth it? Look and see if you are following the foot steps of our ancestors , who tried to change the wrongs but the more they changed, the more it stayed the same and worse.

On this earth there are different groups of  people and Within the group there are two different  categories that differs them from one another a change make and a destroyer.
Destroyers always leave harm, even when they don’t mean to.

In 26 years I learnt that, you can never  be called what your are not, you can never carry a title of a thief if you are no thief, you can not be called doctor if your not, you can’t be called a mother without a child. Everything  has a reason why they happen. If you are given a name it’s because there is a reason to call you that and if you don’t like it, give a reason to change that.

Don’t step in another man’s  shoes to sell your idea, you never know where and what that shoe step on to get there. Start small to sell your idea and when the time is right you will feel it. Make right decisions. Change what you can and accept what you can not.