To me the diversity cultural has always been like a beautiful garden with lots of multi-color flowers. Each flower has its own name, shape and color, fragrance, origin still all the flowers are pretty and give pleasant sense of freshness and beauty of nature. Similarly people possess great deal of diversity, such as; variety of food, designs of dresses, language, soothing music and energizing dance and much more….

But the true joy to appreciate and live the diversity is to LOVE. By LOVE here I mean Learn Other’s Values and Expectation. Belong to deserted part of my country I had hardly chance to see garden with multi-color flowers until I moved to urban area but I never missed a little chance to dip myself in the colors and contrasts.

The simplest definition of diversity

The simplest definition of diversity

Now I take you from desert to a free trip to DC where I observed how the people of a developed nation try hard to embed this precious value in their lives as well as nurture their brand new generation. May it be sunny or rainy they always stop by you to extend support May it is younger or elder, rich or poor, worker or officer they always abide by the law May anyone belong to any religion they never discriminate May you are black skinned, brown, golden or white they welcome and embrace every peaceful individual I am not a linguistic expert but have read somewhere that not action word starting with “P” have negative connotation so let’s see what else I observed? I observed progress, prosperity, peace, punctuality, positivity pluralism and off course Prem.

On the way to monuments tour

Happiness and sense of protection together

I was so heartwarming and thoughtful when a four year child in Takoma Park Folk Festival had a trash picker stick. I am damn sure his father wanted to inculcate the great value of civic sense which will result in becoming that child a responsible citizen. I think what I want to emphasize here is; if we learn how to embrace diversity, experience excellence, value other’s expectation and nurture new generation with sense of responsibility (In the works of Covey: Response Ability or ability to respond) and togetherness then there is nothing which stop us from being prosperous individual, society, community and nation. Because Together Everyone Achieve More and this is what TEAM is….