Life has always been unpredictable, So what if we stop making plans?

We could not know what it means to be responsible for our choices or how to be emotionally healthy.
Many years are always spent in a foggy haze of grief and anger.

Over time, life turns around if we learn to use the key that we’ve always had in hands. How to learn it? Get engaged in recovery work, spiritual exploration,study everything you could on both personal and professional growth. Learn to identify and express yourself appropriately.

Ultimately, we’ll be able to make plans again, with the intimate knowledge that things could always change in the blink of an eye

Personally,I’ve learned to accept that change is a part of life and a process that cannot be avoided. Some changes are easier to accept than others, but the decisions about how to cope with those changes are mine.

Change is a process that mainly starts by accepting facts, facing them and dealing with the worst of them. Once accepted, the key is to have a problem solving state of mind: Find out where the issue is, and fix it. Last step in this process is to stock the solved problems in our unconscious database, not to be done again.

As a logical consequence of achieving this change capacity, we can get access to the best part of the story: “The land of opportunities discovery”

Opportunities are all around us. We’re graduating at a time where youth unemployment is high. And yet our peers are refusing to sit idly by. We’re the most active, service-driven generation, the most imaginative, the most tech-savvy. We’re creating opportunities not only finding them, inventing gadgets, placing an emphasis on social responsibility over greed. So stop worrying so much, and start doing.

To summarize, Believe on the person that you can change into, and the future will get beyond your expectations.


                                               “Be the change you want to see in the world.” -Ghandhi